Riverdale : Ashleigh Murray (Josie) bid farewell to the series

We knew leaving for the spin-off “Katy Keene”, but it was unclear if the actress Ashleigh Murray, aka Josie, was going to stay in the vicinity of “Riverdale”. It would seem that not… Diyah Pera/The CW The post Instagram Ashleigh Murray, published on Sunday leaves little doubt about his future in Riverdale. By posting a photo of herself in the skin of his character Josie with the comment “bye • ciao • goodbye • deuces”, it would appear that she is leaving for good the series before the end of season 3, currently airing on the CW and the us on Netflix in the US+24. It is not quite a surprise, since we knew leaving for the spin-off of Riverdale, Katy Keene, she will be one of the stars. In fact, Josie leaves her hometown to embark on a solo career in New York, far from its brethren of the Pussycats. However, according to the boss of the chain CW, the story takes place several years after the current events in the series mother, so there was a possibility for the character to be still in the game. If appearances are not to be excluded, it would seem that it is necessary to do without the character -anyway not so far that it – all that no crossover is expected. A matter of time probably before any : Riverdale is shot in Vancouver, while Katy Keene will be touring in New York. We imagine that if Katy Keene was not ordered into series -an unlikely option – the actress could re-ask his suitcases in Riverdale…

See this publication on Instagram bye • ciao • goodbye • deuces #wrapped A publication shared by Ashleigh Murray (@iamamurray) on March 3, 2019 at 9 :43 PST

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