The Walking Dead season 9 : starts, jump back in time, Whisperers… our summary of the first part

Before the resumption of the series this Monday, February 11, on OCS Shock, and (re)discover the principal events that have marked the first half of season 9 of “The Walking Dead”. AMC AMC Studios Starts in cascade, Each season, fans of The Walking Dead, indulge in the game of death predictions to determine which character from the series will be the next to be killed. However, what was not the surprise of the viewers when in the course of last summer, the departure of Andrew Lincoln – aka Rick Grimes – has been announced by the american media. How the series will survive it without its iconic leader ? And in what circumstances the sheriff will leave the show ? Such were the questions that animated the debate during several months, until the resumption of the series last October.

And finally it is the fifth episode of this season 9 has delivered the awaited answer. While we left them in a poor posture (impaled on an iron bar and surrounded by a horde of the living dead), Rick did as well as could be to accomplish its ultimate mission : to attract the rangers on a wooden bridge and blow up the building to kill a maximum. And at the end of a moving path of the cross, during which the sheriff reviewed in hallucination of several of his departed friends (Shane, Hershell, Sasha…), Rick was perishing in the explosion of the bridge under the eyes of Michonne, Daryl and company…

… at least that’s what we thought, as a final stage saw the ambiguous Once save in entremis Rick of death in the evacuating by helicopter to a mysterious community. Since then, we’ve hardly known more on the state of health of the sheriff, but the upcoming release of a trilogy of tv-movies twilight focused on the character should answer these questions… and to conclude, once and for all the story of Rick Grimes ? Nothing is less sure…

Rick Grimes is not the only iconic character to leave the series, quite the contrary, since this is combined with the departure of Maggie, although we did not attend his farewell, and for good reason since an episode flashing back to him, soon to be dedicated fully. Although the circumstances of this departure are not yet known, we do know, however, that they are probably related to the tensions behind the scenes that have opposed the production of the series, and Lauren Cohan, who wanted a salary equal to that of his playing partners for men.

The departure of Maggie, is it final ? Not according to the actress, who has several times in the past left the door open to a return, that we imagine to depend upon the success of its new series, the comedy of espionage Whiskey Rider (soon on TF1). For the time being, it would seem rather that the character is brought to live adventures of his own, and who knows if television will not be also devoted to justify this long absence in the series-mother ?

AMC Jump(s) in time aficionados of the comics will know that for a long time : a long-ellipse is supposed to do after the arc, Negan (completed at the end of the season 8). Eighteen months had thus elapsed between the downfall of the tyrant and the first episode of this season 9, but what was the surprise of the viewers, to discover that another jump in time has taken place, and not least, since six years had then elapsed between the episode 5 (marked by the departure of Rick), and the sixth, which introduces a whole new dynamic in the group of heroes, survivors.

First of all, a new heroine has arrived in the series, in the person of Judith Grimes, the baby of Rick (in reality born of the union of the ephemeral Laurie Grimes and Shane in the first season). Decked out with a hat of sheriff, but also a katana in the image of one of his adoptive mother (Michonne), the girl demonstrated courage in every trial, so that it saves to a new group of survivors from certain death. It then goes on to shout to persuade Michonne to accommodate them within Alexandria, in vain, while the latter conceives of the escort up to the Hill for that they find refuses.

How to explain this categorical rejection of Michonne, as it does not give the slightest chance for this group to prove its value ? Everything seems to think that the scar in a cross in the bottom of his back, we discovered a little later at the same place at Daryl, hiding a heavy secret that we will find out shortly with the proponents in an episode flashback.

AMC Whisperers, finally, Finally, the main attraction of this first half of season 9 is without a doubt introduced in good and due form of the Whisperers, the next villains of The Walking Dead. Expected for several seasons already, this new community is unveiled on the occasion of the final mid-season, while the heroes found themselves surrounded in a cemetery fogged and that Jesus has been fatally stabbed by one of its members.

Who are the Whisperers and what are their motives ? At present, we know little more, if it is not that these survivors bear skins human as the mask in order to sneak among the hordes of the undead. We also know that its two iconic leaders, Alpha and Beta, will be respectively played by Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst (Sons of Anarchy).

AMC What about Negan ? And Negan in all of this ? Saved by Rick, the bully has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the former sheriff, to the chagrin of Maggie, who did not digest that the murderer of her husband, Glenn has not been executed. Desiring him to settle his account, the latter had yet been taken pity on by the crying pathetic of the former leader of the Saviors. It was then estimated that the isolation he was experiencing would be a much worse punishment than a death summarily, and had therefore left to live.

But Negan has he so far left aside his desire for revenge ? Not sure, especially as everything leads to believe that the latter is accommodated to his sentence in the idea likely to lower the suspicion against it, and wait for the first opportunity that shall be given him to escape from his cell. A confrontation with the father Gabriel then enabled him to discover by accident that the door of his prison was not locked, and without asking his remains, Negan has escaped.

So we need to know what role the latter will play there during the next few episodes of the series ? Will he side with the Whisperers for revenge of the survivors ? Or, on the contrary, joining forces with his former enemies to fight this new community bloodthirsty ?

First elements of response are expected from the resumption of the broadcast of The Walking Dead, from the 11th of February next for us in the US+24 on OCS Shock.