Plus belle la vie : what you can expect in the episode 3741 Monday 25 February 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Victory takes risks to protect Yann Moss. Mila passes the sponge in the face of his mother, once more. Kevin discovers the power conferred by his profession. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode, More Beautiful life aired Monday night on France 3 ! Victory puts himself in danger to protect Yann Moss When Yann Moss reveals that he is engaged in ecology, thanks to the influence of the father of Victory, himself an activist and who had disappeared suddenly, the young woman is upset. She lies to Ferri on the plans for the Moss to divert his attention; but she refuses to join Yann Moss in his fight, still too baffled by these revelations and his need for a quest for identity. Sacha, worried about the actions of Victory, demand accounts to Yann Moss. The young man puts it in the face of his jealousy : there is a risk of losing Victory if he tries to control it at any price. During this time, Nebout and the substitute prosecutor shall take Ferri to hunt; but for this they need the testimony of the wife of Sacha, and are completely unaware of his true identity… Mila is manipulated by his mother Mila receives a call from the commissioner’s office : his mother has again made a stop to drunkenness on the public highway. Despite his discussions with Valero on its leniency vis-à-vis her, she gives in and visits him while she is in a cell sobering up. Carol Leconte witnesses the scene and, excited, takes the girl aside and made him understand that his mother is very lucky to have a girl so forgiving that he forgives all, which is far from the case with his own son, Valère… revenge is a dish best served cold for Kevin While Kevin is talking with Baptiste at Mistral, he overhears Blanche trying to walk his dog and not picking up its droppings. He saw in this an unhoped-for opportunity of revenge for his French teacher that she had no gift when he was a high school student, and verbalise in spite of his protests. A little later, Frank goes to greet the young officer at the police station, and tries to coax them to cancel the fine of White. But Kevin did not budge and the threat of accusing him of attempted bribery !

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